Happy New Year!

Hello 2018, and hello readers – if there is anyone out there.

2017 has been a tough year with lots of ups and downs. I’m done with making excuses for myself though, it’s about time I suck it up and power through.

I’m no longer going to Slimming World, I’d lost faith in it and wasn’t inspired. I could have tried another group, but I don’t want to. Andrew and I have a plan, a food plan which is healthy, full of fruit, vegetables and protein. We’ll also be food prepping for the week ahead, to ensure we have plenty of go-to healthy meals.

Over the next few weeks I’m challenging myself to do a 5k every week. I signed up to parkrun – free 5k trails around the country on Saturday mornings run by volunteers. I went to my first one this morning, and got in at a time of 58:06. My PB baseline! Now I have something to work from. I walked the course, and ran the last 100 meters or so to cross the finish line.

I feel proud of myself for completing it, I wanted to give up in the first mile as my back and ankles were painful. I hope next week will be less painful.

Race For Life 2015 – Post-Race

Yesterday I did Race for Life. It was a 5k route, and as you may already know, I walked it due to recovering from surgery. My goal was to walk the 5k in 1 hour.

I enjoyed the route more than I did last year. I found that because I was walking and not constantly thinking ‘I really should be running’ I had more time to enjoy the park. After the first 1k we came to the toilets, I needed to go so I left the crowd and got in the que. When I came out again, I found that I was behind everyone…All 2500 people. Excluding the few people who were in the toilet still. Myself and a lovely Scottish lady set off at the same pace, and accompanied each other around the rest of the race. We kept a really steady pace and overtook quite a few of the other walkers. (I felt quite pleased about that as I didn’t want to be last…)

I did feel like I wanted to run, but I held back and settled into walking it. I felt good, I had no problems with my wounds – kind of almost scars now – other than the waistband of my trousers irritating them a little bit. I’m hoping that means I can start doing more activities…

The last little stretch to the finish me and my companion jogged to the end, with her grandchildren cheering us on. The race clock said we finished at around 1h8m, but it did take a long time to get over the start line so I was sure I had reached my target…

Race Stats

Distance: 5.2 kilometres
Race clock time: 1:08:00
Actual time: 56:25

race for life route

race for life stats

Race for Life Battersea 2015



I had a really good time, and to top it all off…at the start of the race I bumped into Julie Creffield who runs the website & blog The Fat Girls Guide To Running – I may have fangirled a bit!!! I also crossed paths with her during the run 🙂 🙂 Meeting Julie really topped off my evening!

Race for Life 2015 – Pre-Race

Today is the day. I’m going to be doing Race for Life this evening after work, I wont be running as originally planned, but I will be walking it. Possibly getting some power walking in there once I’m warmed up! (Providing my insides don’t burst out of me…)

I’m aiming to complete the 5k route in 60 minutes – this is 15 minutes longer than it took me to run it last year, but I know that my fast walk is a similar pace to my jogging pace soo…it makes sense.

My plan for is to start off gently, then once I warm up a bit – maybe after 10 minutes or so (after the crowd thins out at the start of the race), increase my walking speed and get into a comfortable faster pace. I will be listening to my Harry Potter audio book along the way, which I am sure will make the time fly by! (I LOVE HP)

You can still donate to Cancer Research through my sponsor link, every little helps!

RFL15 Pre-race

See you on the other side…

Weigh in Wednesday

It’s June already, wonderful. May flew by!

This week has been a bit of a weird one for me. I was signed off work for a week after my operation, so I was really sedentary and didn’t have much to do other than watch TV and eat. Then I went back to work, and suddenly there’s movement and walking and eating at specific times rather than grazing all day. So I’m expecting this weeks weigh in to be an unhappy one, but hopefully I haven’t put on all of the weigh I lost last week.

Last Week: 230 pounds
Today: 233.4 pounds
To lose for June Goal: 34.4. pounds

Okay. So I’ve gained 3.4 pounds this week. Half of what I lost last week.
I have mixed feelings about this. it’s not as bad as it could have been, but it’s also not particularly good. Especially considering my June goal is coming up and it looks like I wont be able to reach it.

Anyway. Last weeks weight goal was 223 pounds – obviously did not hit that. The exercise goal, I have done. On Saturday I went to a small woodland fayre which was a walk in the woods to see all of the stands etc, and yesterday at work I did a short walk to Tesco and back – 2 short walks. Tick! It’s nice to be able to tick something off.

I want to get moving and exercise but at the moment I feel like I’m being held back from doing that because I am still recovering from surgery. I need to give it at least another week before I can start introducing some gentle exercises – gentle because I don’t want to pop out a hernia! I need to be a little more patient with myself and let my abdominal wall heal up!

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 228 pounds
Exercise: Go on 2 short walks and 1 longer walk before Race for Life next week

Race For Life is ON


I made a decision regarding whether I am going to partake in the Battersea Park Race For Life.

I am still going to do it, however it will be at a walk due to having 3 holes in my abdominal wall (tis a hinderance to running!). It looks like I’ll be going it alone this year so I really appreciate any and all forms of support. Though I’m sure cancer research would benefit more from sponsorship 😉

My JustGiving page is linked in my sidebar, if you’re feeling a surplus of funds at the moment!

Weigh in Wednesday

Well, it’s been an eventful week. I’ve been in hospital with appendicitis and had surgery to take out my appendix.

This, of course, has completely blown any idea of running my Race for Life 5k out of the water 😦 booo. I could still walk it if I’m recovered enough…I’ll have to have a think about that.

Anyhow, here’s this week’s weigh in:

Last weigh in: 237.6 pounds
Today’s weigh in: 230 pounds
To Lose for June Goal: 31 pounds

Well…I was not expecting to lose so much this week. At all. That blindsided me! Must have been my wacky appetite in the hospital (also, not being allowed to eat before surgery, which kept getting delayed!). I’m also hoping this is all of the bloated-pastry-belly from France disappearing!

Exercise-wise I’m going to be very limited this week, until I heal up I won’t be able to do much at all. I’ll have to really watch my eating to compensate!

Goals for next week
Weight: 223 pounds
Exercise: Go on 2 short walks

Weigh in Wednesday

It’s the last week of March, how exciting. And scary. It’s only just over 4 weeks until we’re going up to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis!! Eeep! Need to get walking…

Anyway, weigh in!

Last Week: 226.6 pounds (re-weigh weight)
Today: 224.4 pounds
To Reach Goal 1: 14.9 pounds

Lost 2.2 pounds this week! I’m pleased with that. My goal for this week was 224 pounds, which I’m happy to say I accomplished. 224 is the lowest weight so far this year – it was my pre-Christmas weight last year.

The goal 1 weigh in is this Sunday, and there’s no way I’m going to loose a stone in 4 days. So, obviously, I’m not going to be hitting that goal. I may need to re-adjust my goals for the rest of the year…or, I could work harder to lose what I didn’t lose in this quarter of the year and play catch-up. I haven’t decided yet…

My eating has been better this week, I actually planned out lunches and dinners this week and have been making wraps to bring into work for lunch. This has hugely helped because I know what I’m eating when, and the wraps and dinners I’ve been making (from a clean eating recipe book) are really tasty.

Goals for next week
Weight: 222 pounds
Exercise: Get outside and walk. A lot.