Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning, it’s that time of the week again!

Here we go:

Last week: 227 pounds
This week: 229 pounds
2 pound gain
Total loss: 5 pounds
Next week: 227 pounds

Damn water retention. I’m really bloated today, so it’s likely that those 2 pounds will drop off again providing I drink looaads of water.

Ate quite a lot at the weekend, but it was mostly healthy stuff that we pre-packed for a day out. I think I did quite well considering. More wholesome foods please!

I haven’t been for a run yet, but I will! I’m gyming this evening, and want to make a schedule for me to stick to.

This section should really be called sleep, I mention my lack of it every week!

Pip and I have decided to challenge each other. My challenge is to loose 7 pounds by our September meet-up. I challenged her to hit a body fat percentage goal.
My target: 220 pounds
Pips target: 21% bf

Terms of the challenge are undecided as of yet, but I’m sure we’ll hammer out the details soon!


Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning chipmunks

Weigh in today, so we know the drill.

Last week: 229 pounds (After weigh day)
Today: 231 pounds – this is defo water weight!
Next week: 229 pounds

This is annoying. I finally get under 230, and then it’s time to retain water again! Urg. As long as I eat sensibly, I should be able to get myself back under in no time.

Food: my eating has been going ok, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I’ve been staying within or just over my calorie limit for the majoroty of the time which is always a good thing. More of the same please! But better!

Exercise: I FINALLY went for a run last night. I felt pretty good despite having a stitch from hell…and I think it was the first time I’ve ran in the rain-proper rain not just spitting lightly. Granted it was spitting to start with then progressively got heavier. I want to get in one more run minimum this week, and a little bit of a strength workout. After which I’ll be putting myself through my paces at Pretty Muddy. I need to make sure that I don’t leave it so long before running again after doing an event. 1 month is way too long…1 week sounds reasonable though-enough for recovery time.

Life: things are plodding along. I’m still a bit in shock that it’s July… I’ve got alot planned for this month so am going to be a busy bee most of the time. When am I supposed to sleeeeep?? I’m quite tired alot of the time, I don’t get enough sleep through the night and haven’t had a chance to catch it up yet! Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to snooze to my hearts content…

Hope everyone has a good day! If not, dont fret for it’s almost the weekend!

REVISED Weigh in

umm….so apparantly i’ve lost 8 pounds in a week. :S i’ve also eaten pretty badly and not exercised much. can zumba and one gym session do all that? i really dont think it can..i must have been retaining water last week aswell… otherwise the world has gone backwards and i can eat whatever i like and loose weight…

anyway, here’s the new stats…

Current weight:  185 Pounds

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 45 pounds

minigoal: lose 3 pounds

i’m kind of dreading what the scales will say next week….

Ok so all of that is completely wrong, my scales seem to have decided to be tempermental and not be correct ever. except for just now when i used my housemates scales to compare. I also reset mine so im hoping that will fix it. But the next time it says i’ve lost a gazillion pounds i shall go and double check against Katherine’s scales.

Therefore, the Actual stats:

Current weight: 196     Gained 3 pounds (as i had expected to)

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 56

Mini goal: lose 2 pounds.

Stupid scales.