Energise Check

Aloha, you may remember me writing about a book Energise You by Oliver Gray ?

Well, there’s an online quiz to check how you score in each of the sections discussed in the book. I took this at the beginning of January, and again at the beginning of February. After completing the January Quiz, I implemented 3 Habits from the book to improve my scores. These were:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Eat 5 fruits/veg a day
  • Exercise 3 times a week

I was not able to stick to these consistently, however I was doing them more often than before-which is never going to be a bad thing.

My january stats were as follows:


Mind management 38%
Nutrition 17%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 18%
Re-energising 12%
Computer use 27%
Work-life balance 71%

Total 31%

My February stats:


Mind management 50%
Nutrition 39%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 55%
Re-energising 12%
Computer use 55%
Work-life balance 100%

Total 49%

Much improved, however still lots to work on!

Based on this, I need to improve my Re-energising, and Nutrition the most.

My February habits are:

  • Give myself 20 minutes of ‘stop-time’ per day.
  • Eat my 5 a day (I know this is the same as last month, but this is the one I failed at most)
  • Incorporate Yoga into my day

Alongside these I will also be focusing on eating well, and drinking lots of water. Just trying to be healthy.

Personal Training Session

My gym membership came with an unexpected bonus – a free personal training session. Yay

I had this today, after work. felt a bit awkward about it, but she did a lot of good stuff with me, and we looked at how much I could lift on the different free weights and resistance machines. We did some cardio as well, and improving stamina. (She got me to jog on the treadmill, and I was already pretty wiped from all of the other things we had done!). The session was more to look at what I want to improve and what exercises/machines would achieve that.

OK, so I cant remember everything we did…but I’ve listed what I can remember!

  • Warm up: 5 mins on the cross-trainer, on level 5 (this can be whatever resistance you are comfortable with, something that isn’t too strenuous, but you can feel)
  • Stretches! VERY important of course. stretch everything from head to toe, and why not throw in some yoga poses!
  • Cable Pull downs, 6.5kg, 8-10 x 3 (I don’t know the correct terms for these, so forgive me if I am wrong!)
  • Cable row, 9kg, 8-10 x 3.
  • Free weights: Leg Press, 10kg each side, 8-10 x 3
  • Free weights: Chest Press, 5kg each side, 8-10 x3
  • Swiss ball squats: 4kg, squat and hold for 10 seconds x 3
  • Walking lunges: 3kg, lunge across studio and back 3-4 times
  • Resistance machines: Abs, 10kg 8-10 x 3
  • Resistance machines: Triceps (pushing away action. Elbows rest on pad, arms push away) approx. 5-7.5kg
  • Resistance machines: Leg lift (sat down, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • Resistance machine: Backwards leg lift (laid down on front, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • The Plank… 3 x 10 second intervals. Increase this as you get better!
  • Treadmill: 8.5% incline, 4.5mph; a brisk walk up an incline. After 5 mins or so, switch to 0% incline, and a jogging speed. I was on 6.5mph. This was a very light jog, and I was knackered! ran for about 3-4mins before stopping. (I got a stitch and needed water. No water bottle! Have been instructed to bring bottle next time)

After this, we had a chat about nutrition and she gave me some info on this with meal plan suggestions. We didn’t do the whole workout today, I did minimum 1 set of each, but the whole shebang on the squats, lunges and plank. The idea of this plan is to increase the reps to 15-20, and increase the weights being lifted. This will up both endurance and strength. It’s a flexible plan, for example I don’t have to do all of my sets at once, I could machine jump and do the next set after a different set. I like it. It’s encouraged me to use more of the machines and to get more involved in pushing myself to improve the weight I’m lifting.

I have a feeling I may end up a lifting loony like my bestest bud, RoanRider . Maybe. Maybe not. 

I have another session booked with my PT in the beginning of February. This one is not free, however I am going to give it a go to see if I feel it’s worth sticking with a PT, or going it alone (with some help from the internet…)

Happy Wednesday!

Weigh in

215 pounds.

I keep fluctuating between 214 and 215, however I think the 215 today is due to having a BBQ at the weekend!


My Plan:

-Keep food diary

-Make good food choices

-Continue with 30 Day Shred

-Green tea!


Target: 208 pounds

30DS: Day 5

Still struggling with the push ups, but I’ve not given up on them yet. I hope I wont.

Literally have sweat running down my face, gross, but I’m thinking of it as fat leaving the body.

Feel more motivated to do this, heard from my family today and they are all doing well with their own weight goals, so I need to keep it up or be the fat one in the family! 😉

I pushed harder on the cardio parts today, and I didn’t stop as much during the strength section as I did at the beginning-just in the push ups.

Also went swimming  today, did 16 lengths, 1/4 mile. Probably a good thing after my overeating yesterday!

Absolutely no need for a rest day, could’v done with one yesterday but  I chose not to have one. Feeling good about keeping up with this.

To weigh, or not to weigh…

I really didn’t want to weigh in today because I knew I had put on. I was right.

Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 212 pounds

This weeks weight: 213 pounds

Put on the pound I lost last week.

Feel very stuck. been this weight or hereabouts for a year. drastic changes need to be made. and exercise needs to happen every day.

I bought Jillians 30 day shred DVD and was hoping it would arrive today, no such luck, it hasn’t been dispatched yet. A little annoyed about that, I want to do a workout today when I’m back from work and go swimming. Or, run and then swim.

It’s my food intake that’s letting me down, I did a lot of exercise last week and still put on. My food diary is a mess of overeating in the evenings. I need to actually plan my meals.

This week will be better. 3-7 pound loss would be good.


What do we do? We Swim, swim, swim!

Didn’t feel achey at all today from swimming yesterday, so I went swimming again today! yay!

I did 40 lengths (approximately) today, over 1/2 a mile. I say approximately because I lost count in the 20’s because I kept crashing into people or people crashed into me because I am so slow!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the only stroke I can really do is backstroke, so I’ve been trying to do breaststroke, and I’m super slow at it, and keep kicking the side of the pool by accident as well! I had sore toes after that I can tell you…

I don’t ache much now at all, I’m wondering if that’s because I alternate between strokes, so am using Muscles in different ways rather than sticking to one stroke.  I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel tomorrow…I may even go again! Although, it being a Saturday means it will probably be busy…Hmm. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Friday!

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monday madness: 67 to lose

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 200

Today’s weigh in: 197      -3   😐    woop!

March 12th goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181


celebratory dance wasn’t as good because I knew I’d put on 2 last week, evens it back out again which is good though. I now know why I put on last week, I shall call it bloaty water weight which is now disappearing.

my plan to have loads of fruit didn’t really go ahead, however I did have more than in the previous week. And this week I kind of NEED to eat the oranges that have been sat on the side for a little while… else I will have wasted my moneys and have to throw them away..

feels good being in the 100’s. I’m hoping I can stay there…


Zumba this evening, didn’t think I was going to be able to do all of it, but I did, which surprised me 🙂 yay. Although definitely had a stitch and shortness of breath ha..

Had a sneaky weigh in today, just to see how i was getting on, and have lost a pound or two – and i triple checked this time ha.. – which leads me to believe that I’ve been bloated over last weekend and on Monday. I have felt pretty sluggish, so I most likely was…

I’ve been back on the water again the last couple of days as well, which I’ve noticed had made me feel better. I need to get myself some satsumas (small oranges) to fend of the winter bugs… my chest hasn’t been feeling too healthy this week. But still, eating well will only help.

REVISED Weigh in

umm….so apparantly i’ve lost 8 pounds in a week. :S i’ve also eaten pretty badly and not exercised much. can zumba and one gym session do all that? i really dont think it can..i must have been retaining water last week aswell… otherwise the world has gone backwards and i can eat whatever i like and loose weight…

anyway, here’s the new stats…

Current weight:  185 Pounds

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 45 pounds

minigoal: lose 3 pounds

i’m kind of dreading what the scales will say next week….

Ok so all of that is completely wrong, my scales seem to have decided to be tempermental and not be correct ever. except for just now when i used my housemates scales to compare. I also reset mine so im hoping that will fix it. But the next time it says i’ve lost a gazillion pounds i shall go and double check against Katherine’s scales.

Therefore, the Actual stats:

Current weight: 196     Gained 3 pounds (as i had expected to)

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 56

Mini goal: lose 2 pounds.

Stupid scales.