Zumba this evening, didn’t think I was going to be able to do all of it, but I did, which surprised me 🙂 yay. Although definitely had a stitch and shortness of breath ha..

Had a sneaky weigh in today, just to see how i was getting on, and have lost a pound or two – and i triple checked this time ha.. – which leads me to believe that I’ve been bloated over last weekend and on Monday. I have felt pretty sluggish, so I most likely was…

I’ve been back on the water again the last couple of days as well, which I’ve noticed had made me feel better. I need to get myself some satsumas (small oranges) to fend of the winter bugs… my chest hasn’t been feeling too healthy this week. But still, eating well will only help.


REVISED Weigh in

umm….so apparantly i’ve lost 8 pounds in a week. :S i’ve also eaten pretty badly and not exercised much. can zumba and one gym session do all that? i really dont think it can..i must have been retaining water last week aswell… otherwise the world has gone backwards and i can eat whatever i like and loose weight…

anyway, here’s the new stats…

Current weight:  185 Pounds

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 45 pounds

minigoal: lose 3 pounds

i’m kind of dreading what the scales will say next week….

Ok so all of that is completely wrong, my scales seem to have decided to be tempermental and not be correct ever. except for just now when i used my housemates scales to compare. I also reset mine so im hoping that will fix it. But the next time it says i’ve lost a gazillion pounds i shall go and double check against Katherine’s scales.

Therefore, the Actual stats:

Current weight: 196     Gained 3 pounds (as i had expected to)

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 56

Mini goal: lose 2 pounds.

Stupid scales.

Epic Fail

well, the weekend has passed and an epic fail on the healthy food plan. it involved lots of chocolate, big amounts of food, and overeating. 😦

Oh well, onwards and upwards. could have been worse. [insert cliché here]

Still epicly ill, lots of cough syrup for me. not overly concerned with exercise at the moment, still did walking over the weekend and whatnot, but nothing extra as of yet. hopefully a zumba epidemic will begin shortly if Miss KB is agreeable!

water also was pretty dire over the weekend, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh-er start.

That sluggish feeling…

Cold is definitly getting worse, now in my chest aswell, cant stop coughing up my guts. which is always fun. not.

not a big fan of days like this, where I just generally feel like ive morphed into a giant slug.

“slugslug”… that was my slug noise..

stupid cold weather. wrapping up warm to venture outside might be a good idea….

liquids needed, epic fail yesterday on the water front, a litre and a bit. oops.

task: find clothes that are warm but aren’t going to make me sweat like a pig when walking to and from uni.


Good Morrow!
good day today, woke up, weighed myself, found out I have lost half a stone in 4 days. And i have NO IDEA how. well actually thats a little bit of a lie, ive been quite bloated so methinks that has passed from the excessive water drinking yesterday. plus the water drinking speeding up metabolism. . . More of the same today hopefully. having a day out so I think im going to bring my giant water bottle with me so I can make sure im drinking lots of water.  and maybe bring some healthy snacks so that i dont end up buying anything i shouldnt…like biscuits…again.

to sum up, pleased that im back under 13st, going to drink loads of water, and not snack so much. oh, plus do loads of walking while accompanying my housemate shopping .

water+exercise+superfood= win!