Weigh In

What a lovely day today! Weighed in first thing this morning, and then headed out for my day’s exercise for a long walk.

One of my goals from last week was to go out for a walk every day. I did not do this, I went out for a walk once – which was today. Definitely room for improvement!

Weigh In

Last Week: 285.8 lb (129.4kg)

Today: 287.8 lb (130.5kg)

Difference: +2 lb (0.9kg)

YTD: 3.2 lb (1.5kg)

A gain is not ideal, however with the lockdown and being extremely sedentary it’s not unexpected. I stopped tracking my food this week as well, due to having low mood. I’m feeling more positive today, and plan to get back to tracking my food in MyFitnessPal.


Lose 2 pounds

Walk every day

Consistently track food

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning morning!

Last week: 229 pounds
Today: 230 pounds
Next week: 228 pounds

Sooo annoying! Mon and tues I was staying steady at 229, then this morning I jump up a pound! Urg. Too much bread yesterday perhaps.

Had loads going on over the weekend and ended up going to 2 bbqs, and eating out fri/mon. Probably why I haven’t lost anything. Self control is vital this week if I want to see some loss for next week.

I finally got around to making an exercise schedule. It started on Monday but due to hovercraft driving I’ve been slightly incapacitated…I’m hoping that by tomorrow my aches will have eased enough to get some exercise in.

Coming up:
Info on the BFF September Challenge

Weigh in Wednesday

It’s here! The post you all wait for with bated breath. I’m joking!

Today I’m going to do a round up of my progress so far as well as my usual weigh in. It was pointed out to me recently that my posts make it seem as if I’m not making any progress…sooo I’m going to lay it all out as well as reestablish my goals.

Weigh in
Last week: 231 pounds (water weight! )
This week: 227 pounds
Next week: 226 pounds

Highest weight: 234 pounds – recorded just after Ben Nevis
Progress: – 7 pounds

This may not seem a lot for the amount of time, but it’s definitely an improvement on dancing around the same few pounds all the time.

At the beginning of the year I set a new years resolution to lose 2 stone (28 pounds) by July. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. I’m now aiming to loose a minimum of 28 pounds by the end of the year. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds of that, leaving 21 pounds to go. This is achievable!

End of year goal: 206 pounds
Summer 2015 goal: 178 pounds – a further 28 pounds

Ultimate Goal: 130 pounds
This may change when I get there, depending on what I feel healthiest at and whether I feel like I need to loose more.

This week’s updates
I’ve been pretty good this week. The only bad day was yesterday, when I was given a box of chocolates from my colleagues for passing my driving test. Oops. I regret nothing, and I shared! This week I need to keep up with the good foods, and throw some more fruit and veg into the mix.

After the success of Pretty Muddy at the weekend, I need to make sure I jump back into running this week-otherwise I’ll loose all momentum! I’ve also been considering taking part in a 6 week power lifting course at my gym. Not because I want to bulk up, but because lifting trims you down quicker than cardio alone. And who doesn’t want to be able to lift heavy things?

Positive. Feeling good. I passed my driving test yesterday which I think will up my mood for at least a week! I also managed to get a long sleep in at the weekend, though I’m still tired and behind on sleep at the moment. Work is busy, as always. I’m looking forward to the weekend, have a busy one planned!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning chipmunks

Weigh in today, so we know the drill.

Last week: 229 pounds (After weigh day)
Today: 231 pounds – this is defo water weight!
Next week: 229 pounds

This is annoying. I finally get under 230, and then it’s time to retain water again! Urg. As long as I eat sensibly, I should be able to get myself back under in no time.

Food: my eating has been going ok, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I’ve been staying within or just over my calorie limit for the majoroty of the time which is always a good thing. More of the same please! But better!

Exercise: I FINALLY went for a run last night. I felt pretty good despite having a stitch from hell…and I think it was the first time I’ve ran in the rain-proper rain not just spitting lightly. Granted it was spitting to start with then progressively got heavier. I want to get in one more run minimum this week, and a little bit of a strength workout. After which I’ll be putting myself through my paces at Pretty Muddy. I need to make sure that I don’t leave it so long before running again after doing an event. 1 month is way too long…1 week sounds reasonable though-enough for recovery time.

Life: things are plodding along. I’m still a bit in shock that it’s July… I’ve got alot planned for this month so am going to be a busy bee most of the time. When am I supposed to sleeeeep?? I’m quite tired alot of the time, I don’t get enough sleep through the night and haven’t had a chance to catch it up yet! Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to snooze to my hearts content…

Hope everyone has a good day! If not, dont fret for it’s almost the weekend!