weigh in day!

Put back on the 2 pounds I lost, but that’s not a big deal, or a big surprise  It’s my birthday tomorrow so have been a little naughty over the weekend with my food!

once I’m back to normal eating and exercising I’m sure it will drop off again!

Injury update: swelling has started to go down on my ankle, and its easier to put weight on it, still sore though! I’m hoping for a quick recovery, although with the snow that’s currently falling I’m concerned I’ll slip and hurt it more!


30DS: Day 5

Still struggling with the push ups, but I’ve not given up on them yet. I hope I wont.

Literally have sweat running down my face, gross, but I’m thinking of it as fat leaving the body.

Feel more motivated to do this, heard from my family today and they are all doing well with their own weight goals, so I need to keep it up or be the fat one in the family! 😉

I pushed harder on the cardio parts today, and I didn’t stop as much during the strength section as I did at the beginning-just in the push ups.

Also went swimming  today, did 16 lengths, 1/4 mile. Probably a good thing after my overeating yesterday!

Absolutely no need for a rest day, could’v done with one yesterday but  I chose not to have one. Feeling good about keeping up with this.